Monday, March 25, 2019

Women Essay -- Persuasive, Violence Against Women

This investigation is roasted in the hypothesis that although the world has changed and modernized, and virtues for the protection of minorities construct increased, even the penalties for the usurpation of human rights are more severe but the female trope are still victims of abuse, discrimination, and effect around the world. To test this hypothesis we get out consider three Journals. The first Journals subject is HONOUR CRIMES, PARADIGMS, AND abandon AGAINST WOMEN. By Simone Cusack, & Rebecca J Cook. (2007). This talks about violence against women in the Muslim world. The routine journal subject is CURBING FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION. By sexual practice & Behavior (Dec 2010). Discussing the concept and practice of mutilation on women. And the last subject is THE Guatemalan FEMICIDE AN EPIDEMIC OF IMPUNITY. By Velasco, Natalie. (2008). And talk about women that have been raped, mutilated, and brutally murder in Guatemala. To start we were ta lking about the first journal, HONOUR CRIMES, PARADIGMS, AND VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN by Simone Cusack, & Rebecca J Cook (2007).And this one talks about a project that was done in the center of Islamic(CIMEL), and Middle Eastern law and center of human rights protection (INTERIGHTS) and thus to check the crimes of Honor and violence against women. Crimes of Honor which basically describes how Muslim women are punished for their families or conjunction members because they considered to be dishonored by the victim.The authors of this manuscript also want to investigate how the legal system are linked with the crimes of Honor, and how to combat this probl... ...According to statistics 13% of the women who reported abuse in their homes unfortunately they were killed days after. The journal makes several(prenominal) recommendations to the Governor of Guatemala, such as giving a public abhorrence of the murderer and hijackers,procedures of research showing violence, create a data base that shows people who have Disappeared, the laws has to be more stringent about the rules against violence of women, Finally, have to be placed rules do not allow women violence. In conclusion I must say that unfortunately the hypothesis was proven with the help of divers(prenominal) Journals, and unfortunately governments, regional and society must change the hard rules that look across women and not allowed them to grow in the society on the contrary these laws alteration their personal and moral development.

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