Monday, March 18, 2019

Fitting In in the book I Want to Be Miss America Essay examples -- Jul

In I Want to Be Miss America, Julia Alv arz examines her adolescent bark to be American. For Alvarez, her Hispanic culture becomes a burden to her inclusion in American society. So, Alvarez and her sisters, struggle to become what they are not, Americans. Alvarez uses a somewhat biased stereotype to identify the model of an apotheosis American, but she does make clear. The struggle of all American teenagers to fit into or molded by a standard which for many of them is impossible to achieve. Relating to Alvarez and her struggle is very easy and well known in every generation. social club puts a ridiculous high standard on outer appearances, specially for girls and women. Women grasp the perspective of the standards that are set and put them into drive. Women become stressed, emotional, and nutcases because they indirect request to please others instead of pleasing themselves. In some cases, women have died onerous to live up to these customari es, if not becoming dangerously ill. As a young lady, knowing what could happen, frightens but doesnt phase me. Wi...

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