Saturday, March 9, 2019

Waste Disposal on Cat Ba Island

At present, the flub disposal write up on Cat Ba Is consume is still seriously concerned. Mr. Sang Bui Quang, theatre director of Department of Natural Resources and Environment, said on website www. monre. gov. vn that waste management has non met environment protection requirements, t here has not been waste treatment firms, and commonly discharge waste directly from ships into the sea. Consequently, it seems to impact on the environment, the scenery and overly Cat Ba People. Waste disposal includes treatment in the land and on the water. In the land, Cat Ba has only one landfill, ring Trong.It is not far from Hung Son block( about 8km), the point of storing gimcrackery through and through all sites of Cat Ba and ring areas with the volume of 40m3/day. Each day, the rubbish is buried and prayed three times. However, the landfill has not met hygienic standards so that the contamination here is adversely affecting peoples lives in this area. In reality, on that point are nigh campaigns to dispose the situation, but it is not effective. The landfill still has rising smoke and the unsupportable stench so that flies and mosques are crowded there and surrounding areas.Assigned to Cat Hai public construction and urban service keep company to collect, transport and dispose rubbish in the area of Cat Ba, including treatment baggage pollution of Dong Trong. Despite great efforts to minimize pollution affects peoples lives, the district besides can process according to the method of chemical substance spraying, burial. There is no way to remedy the situation thoroughly prison cell infection here. On the water, waste disposal has met more difficulty. In the bay, there are 123 cages, including 106 aquaculture cages and 17 cages with people living, which is the main reason for water pollution.Although severally cage has its own trash, the big amount of rubbish into the water (i. e. waste water, fish, food). Waste from the fishing vessel and the fish cages are at risk of causing environmental pollution at the alarming level. search boats use big plastic bags to marinate fis, they scratch those and throw into the sea before moving up onto the shore. According to Mr. Bay Vu Tien, there is also a collecting ship to take rubbish from cages to the land. But it only if counts for 30% of the waste. The baggage is floating on the water that makes a corky image about Cat Ba environment in tourists mind.

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