Friday, March 8, 2019

The Secret of Ella and Micha Chapter 19

EllaThe next day is lighter somehow, like Ive been buried in the sand and some ane has finally dug me erupt. Micha seems happier as well, although I freighter tell hes still hurting, so I work on property his mind distracted.So what did you do to it? I ask Micha as I circle the covering fire end of his political machine with my hands on my hips, fetching in the scratches and dings in the black paint, which look worse in the sunlight.I took it for a truly intense joy ride. A lazy grinning stretches across his face as he puts his genius beneath the bully to examine the engine.I plant my providedt on the leap where hes working(a) and cross my leg all over my knee. At least tell me you won? And that the scratches and dings were totally worth it.Of course. Theyre al airs worth it, he says with a secluded meaning that only the two of us could incessantly understand.Gripping the edge, I tiptoe endure over the engine and give him a plentifulness on the cheek. He grins, tos ses a greasy rag onto the ground, and pinches my ass. A make noise come ons come forth of my mtabooh as I jump from the pinch and yield toward the engine. Pushing myself back up, I total blot all over my blazon and backside. I hop despatch the hood, hand overing to clean the grease attain with my hands, but its only making a bigger mess.Micha laughs at me as he retrieves a new tool box from the top shelf. Thats a good look for you.I stick out my patois and turn to leave.Where atomic number 18 you qualifying? he asks.I hold up my greasy hands. Thanks to you, I have to go take a shower good deal and wash my tog.A wicked look dances in his look. I have grease all over me to. I think I may need to come in there with you.My stomach flips mentation rough last night. I adjudge backing up toward my preindication with my eyes on him. Ill tell you what. If you hind end catch me, you quarter shower with me.His eyes scroll my body as he sucks his lip smother in between his teeth. Is that a challenge, pretty girl?I try not to smile as I exit the garage into the sunlight, but its too much and my lips turn upward. I take off toward my syndicate and his footsteps genius after me. I jump the fence g bunkfully, but by the time I reach the back door, his arms are circling my waist. He spins me slightly and picks me up effortlessly. Hooking my legs close to his waist, he opens the door and fails us into the kitchen.He glances around the room and cocks an eyebrow. Is Lila here?I shake my head belatedly. Shes with Ethan.What about your dad?He went to work.His aqua eyes darken and I cant help but kiss him. I feel him walking, traveling someplace as our barbarisms entwine in concert. I run my fingers by dint of his hair grabbing onto as much of him as possible, shutting my fear away and basking in the moment.Without jailbreak his lips away from mine, he carries me into the lotstairs bathroom. When I hear the shower pee turn on, I pull my lips away from his. Before I can ask what hes doing, he sets me humble underneath the warm piddle.I allow out a scream as my clothing are drenched.See, this way youre washing your clothes and taking a shower at the comparable time. He grins and tips the showerhead piling so it hits more of me.I seize the lie of his T- clothe and yank him forward, so he stumbles into the running water. He twain his hands on the rings, and water sprays over his hair and throw aways down his face.I smile at him innocently and allow the water to stream down my body. Now youre all clean too.He shakes his head, then shoves away from the wall and jumps all the way into the shower with me. He shuts the curtain and seals us at heart the steam. His jeans and T-shirt are sopping wet and beads of water drip into his eyes. I run my hand across his forehead over a spot of grease and then through his hair. He aims the shower head down on me and I tip my head back into the flow. He combs his fingers through my ha ir sensually and his other hand comes down on the wall behind me as he gathers some of my hair into his hand. twist at the roots, he leads me toward him for a deep, watery kiss. Steam surrounds us and makes the choler inside my body ignite.Panic starts screaming inside my head, but I tell it to shut up and suck the water off his lips as I find the bottom of his shirt to lift it over his head. He pulls back and helps me out, slipping it off and tossing it to the side, instantly reuniting his lips with mine. My fingers trace along the lines of his muscles and the sit of the tattoo on his rib cage the lyrics to the first song he ever wrote.His hands explore my hips, my waist, then up my shirt. Finally, I only take it off for him and then he unhooks my bra. Our bare chests crash together as we continue to kiss underneath the hot water. Minutes after, the end of our clothes are in a pile by our feet and I can hardly think straight. The way he touches me, kisses me nothing has ever felt like this before.He sucks on my breast and licks the water off my skin on my bare stomach, continuing to go down until his tongue finds the right spot. I fall back against the wall as a scream claws up my throat and I lose total influence over my body.This time I dont mind.MichaAfter Ella comes apart, I turn the water off and grab a wipe off the hook. She raises her arms preceding(prenominal) her head, keeping her eyes on me as I wrap the towel around her.What? I ask her, because I can tell shes cerebration deeply about something.Nothing. She shrugs casually, but her cheeks turn a little pink. Its fair that if I would have known all along that it felt that good, I probably wouldnt have fought it so hard.Well, Im glad you think Im that good, I beat up her snatching another towel and tying it around my waist.She nibbles on her lip apprehensively as she crosses her arms and rests back against the wall.Alright, pretty girl, I demand. What are you persuasion about?She lets her lip pop free. It unspoiled doesnt seem fair that Im the one that gets to have all the fun.I try not to get too excited, because lets face it, shes a runner. Im original Ill have plenty of fun by myself later.She reaches forward hesitantly and yanks the towel off my waist.That was smooth, I say, gripping the edge of the counter, fighting to stay calm.Her eyes travel over my body. I conditioned from the best. She runs her fingers softly along my swollen cock, making me harder than I already am.Fuck, Ella, I say, leaning back against the door and letting go.EllaI have no idea what the hell came over me and Im not difference to over collapse it. I can finally breathe again and thats all that matters. let things take their course might be exactly what we both need.Micha wraps a towel around his waist looking happier than Ive ever seen him. He kisses me, imbibe my bottom lip gently into his mouth, before pulling away and gaze into my eyes. Youre so beautiful.Smiling, I stare down a t our wet clothes balled up in the corner. Now what do we do?He licks his lips and span his hands on the wall, trapping my head between his arms. We could do it again.I swat his chest, pretending that hes creation silly, even though I do want to do it again. I mean how do we get out of here? Our clothes are soaking wet and Im not place mine back on.He shrugs and leans away. No ones home so keep the towel on you and run upstairs.I eye over his lean chest. Yeah, but what about you?You can go get me some clothes after you get dressed if you want to. His lips tug into a flirty grin.I start to say something, but the back door slams shut and Lila and Ethans voices mess up from the kitchen.Well, there goes that plan, Micha says with laughter in his tone.I tighten the towel around me and we wait for them to leave, but after a while, its clear theyre not going anywhere.Ill go out there, Micha says and heads for the door.I pull him back by the arm. Youre in a towel.Obviously.But theyll se e you and know something was up.He cocks his head to the side, his eyes scrutinizing me. Is that a bad thing?I hug my arms around myself. No, its only if that what are we going to tell them we were doing?Im sure theyll figure it out, he says. Why is this upsetting you?Its not, I reply, deciding to just be honest. Its just that this is like the realest thing Ive had in a long time and it scares me a bit.He tucks a strand of my damp hair out of my eyes. I know it does, but youll be okay well be okay.I gesticulate quickly and then move away from the wall, straightening my shoulders. Are you coming back after you change?He plants a kiss on my forehead. Where else would I go?I move out of his way and he walks out the door in his towel, like hes not embarrassed at all. He leaves the door cracked behind him and seconds later I hear the locomote of Lilas shocked voice followed by the laughter of Ethan. A few seconds later footsteps head my way.Oh Ella, Lila says through the crack in the door. Can I come in?Holding the towel on, I open the door about half way. Could you go get me some clothes, please? Mine are soaking wet.She covers her mouth, stifling her laughter. Sure. Ill be right back.She comes back with a brace of red shorts and a grey tank top. I get dressed and we meet Micha and Ethan out in the garage. Michas wearing a span of loose fitted jeans and his favorite Pink Floyd t-shirt, and he tries not to smirk when he sees me, but Ethan doesnt hold back.Have fun this morning? he asks me and I punch him in the arm.Ow, he fakes hurt and then glances down at the engine. Dude, you ripped this thing to shit. What the fuck did you do to it?I took it down to Taylor Bay and drag in raced it, he says with a shrug. I guess I laboured it too hard. then whered the dents come from? I question, peering underneath the hood.I had an unfortunate run in with another car, he says, with a twinkle in his eye as he captures my gaze. But I still won.Ethan sighs and slams the ho od shut. Get in and well take it to the shop.We pile into the car and Micha drives it up on the grass to caper it around Ethans truck parked in the center of the driveway. We drive down the road toward the shop holding hands over the console, listening to Lila and Ethan berate about their day, something so simple, but so meaningful.When Micha pauses at a jam sign, Mikeys cherry red Camaro rolls up to the side of us. He points at Michas car and then one of his friends mockingly waves.Fucking asshole, Ethan mutters from the backseat.I roll down the window. Is there a problem?Mikey laughs and aims a finger at the hood. Whatd ya do to that poor thing? It sounds like its dying.It sounds a lot better than your baste of shit car on a good day, I retort, academic session up and sticking my head out the window.Ella, Lila says from the backseat, shocked.Let her go, Ethan says. Shes very socialize when she gets this way.Mikeys greasy black hair shines in the sun as he pokes his head out of the car. You can keep talking, but it aint going to do no good since youre both too chicken shit to race me. You guys tasted that at the last race.Only because your small size was unimpressive, I say with an innocent bat of my eyelashes.That pisses him off. He jumps out of the car and Micha pulls me back in and leans over the console, resting an arm around my shoulder protectively, knowing that Mikeys the class of guy that would hit a girl. Mikey glances up the street before crouching down next to the door.If you two think youre so tough then prove it, he says with a venomous tone. The Back Road, nine oclock.Im pretty sure she already explained to you that your car isnt worth our time, Micha says evenly. So back the fuck off and get back in your car.The Back Road, nine oclock, he repeats slowly before backing away and climbing into his car. And Im sure with the noises your cars making, it should be a pretty fair race.He revs his engine, proving something, before speeding off th rough the intersection, leaving tire marks on the asphalt.What a jerk, Lila says from the backseat. Getting in your face like that who does that?I turn to Micha with a guilty face. Im sorry.He delicately sketches his finger along my lips and sighs. Its okay. Well figure something out Besides you can make it up to me later.We cant fix your car that fast, man. Ethan leans over the console, shoving the sleeves of his black shirt up to his elbows, revealing several tattoos on his arms. Its nowhere close to being in racing condition.I know, Micha replies and starts driving again. I guess well just have to go in there blind.It could fall apart if you push it too hard, Ethan cautions. Then youd be back to square one with it. cargo area a minute. Lila holds up her hands in front of her. You guys arent seriously going to race him, are you?We have to, Ethan and Micha say at the same time.Lila glances at me for an explanation. Why?Ethan slumps back in the seat and brings his knee up as he tur ns to Lila. Its how things work around here. If we dont, then well get hounded for it for the rest of our lives.okeh Lila says jolting in the seat as the car hits a pothole. Whats victimize with that?Ethan rifles for a way to explain it to her, brushing his dark hair out of his eyes. Itd be like getting picked on every day in school by everyone in the school.Lila tucks her hands under her legs. That doesnt sound very fun.Exactly, so you can understand why we have to race. He folds his arms and directs his attention back to Micha. Go to the shop, man and well see what we can get fixed before its time to go.

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