Sunday, March 24, 2019

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What has been achieved by prosecuting Nazis alleged to have committed crimes against the Jews?"While struggle for victory the German soldier will observe the rules for chivalrous warfare. Cruelties and ill-judged destruction are below his standard" , or so the pedagogy printed in every German Soldiers paybook would have us believe. Yet during the bit World warfare thousands of Jews were victims of war crimes committed by Nazis, whose actions subverted the code of breeding they claimed to uphold and contravened legislation outlined in the Geneva Convention. It is this legislature that has surface the way for the Jewish community and political leaders to attempt to cure the Nazis violation, by prosecuting individuals allegedly responsible. Convicting Nazi criminals is an implicit declaration by post-World War II society that the Nazi regimes extermination of over five million Jews wont go unnoticed. Many of the alleged Nazi war criminals that were captured had attempte d to baffle prosecution shortly before the end of the war. Some opted for suicide, rather than pretend capture while others used the Austrian and German Underground offers of fictive passports and other means of forged identification to assume a bleak identity . A choice opted for by many, that virtually guaranteed them a brand- refreshing life with remote chance of detection was to travel to the Anglo-American countries after in-migration quotas were raised. Over 4000 Nazi criminals sought refuge in Australia . Many lie about their history to gain entry into their new home and proceeded to expire in, unnoticed by our government. They were no longer Nazi criminals but new citizens with a hidden past. Lists of suspected criminals were compiled and alleged perpetrators systematically captured and put to trial.In 1943, under Soviet leadership the first war crime trials were conducted, as yet the first trial to involve the Allied powers was the Nuremburg International Military t ribunal in 1945 . The International Military Tribunal (IMT), set out to move 22 defendants comprising largely of the administration arm of the Third Reich . The Americans initially wished to cite whole Nazi organisations for their crimes. This focus was soon altered to determine the office of particular individuals. The accused were tried under at least ii of the following four headings devised for indictment. The first count was the "formulation of a general plan or conspiracy" two, "crimes against peace (planning and waging a war of infringement

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