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The Effects Of Divorce on Students :: Essays Papers

The Effects Of Divorce on Students How signifi toleratet is the impact of break on children? There ready been studies that take the stand that disjoin has a negative effect on children. The impact on a childs life often varies depending on the pillow slip of divorce and the season of the child during the divorce. The influence of a separation recipely effects a childs learning and behavior skills. For a young child the concept of divorce is something that creates many misconceptions. Children do not understand the true meaning or reasoning behind why their p arnts would ever want to be separated. The sign reaction for most children is to blame themselves or to create a type of reasoning that they can relate to. Due to this, many children often concentrate on rebuilding their family structure instead of engaging in normal childhood activities. Sudden changes in a household can disoblige a childs psychological well being. Children sometimes have a hooligan t ime being separated from their parents they fear that if one parent can leave them why cant the other. Role changes often also occur the yield may begin to work or a baby-sitter may now play a role in the childs life. The feeling of sadness, overtaking and abandonment are emotions that almost all children go through. As children begin in households that have experienced divorces, problems begin to come out in many phases of the childs life. After reading an term about the effects of divorce on young children I learned many interesting issues dealings with divorce. The authors say Although there is considerable variability in outcomes over time, children in divorced and remarried families are more likely than children from non divorced families to have problems in their relationships with parents, siblings, and peers as well as lower self-esteem and academic problems (Hetherington, Bridges, & Insabella, 1998,pg2-3). The article also discuses the fact that the percentage of children who drop out of school and have divorced parents is greater then drop out rate of students whos parents are still married (Pedro-Carroll, 1999 pg.3). Over the years organizations have been established to table service children cope with issues that have to due with divorce. An organization called The Children of Divorce Intervention political platform (CODIP) is a support program that was formed to meet the needs of children.

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