Wednesday, March 6, 2019

How does DNA play a role in inheritance Essay

How does DNA play a berth in hereditary pattern? You receive one-half of your DNA from your mother and one-half from your father realise an example of a dominant and recessive factortic disorder. People with conflagrate eyes tend to carry recessive alleles of the major genes people with off-key eyes tend to carry dominant alleles. Give an example of an X- and Y- think disorder.x(Hemophilia By(color blindness)How can genetics help to predict diseases? Doctors can grant you a predictive genetic test(PGT) to predict future problems. But let it be cognize that the test is non 100% certainty What role does a genetic counselor play in helping families with known genetic diseases? A genetic counselor play a truly big important role for the patient. They ar able to present tortuous and difficult to understand information, to both the patient and there family. They also clack to them about testing, different options, genetic risks and counseling services. What disease(s) is gene therapy currently universe tested on? Hemophilia, Chronic Granulomatus Disorder(CGD), Cancer, Neurodegenerative Diseases and much more. Has gene therapy been approved in the United States? No.If gene therapy has been approved in the US, what is it being utilise to treat? If gene therapy has not been approved in the US, why not? Gene therapy is still in the investigative stage. The only way to perplex gene therapy in the US is to go through clinical trials. What are some of the safety issues associated with gene therapy? it usually has to be delivered using a carrier, called a vector. The most common gene therapy vectors are viruses because they can greet certain cells and carry genetic material into the cells genes. Researchers remove the original disease-causing genes from the viruses, alternate them with the genes needed to stop disease. Unwanted immune system reaction, Targeting the wrong cells, transmittance caused by the virus, Possibility of causing a tumo Do you believ e that gene therapy is ethical? Why or why not? Its hard to say. For individual who needs it(a sick person), I think its a possiblilty.

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