Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Original Writing- Jonas Brothers

Although many great deal dont realise it, music plays a liberal part in terrene life. If its auditioning for the X-Factor, going to gigs every week, singing hymns at mass, singing to your favourite tunes in the testifyer or just listening to the radio on the modal value to work, we every(prenominal) wish our music. It gets us though the days and has a big influence on what we do. Music separates the mountain with the many diametric genres it offers and round very quick people ar behind it all.Considering this I would like to tell you about one of my favourite bands the Jonas Br fountain(a)s. Jonas Brothers atomic number 18 a VMA-nominated American boy band. The band consists of three brothers Kevin, Joe and snick. They come all the way from Wyckoff, newly Jersey and have released three albums Its About Time (2006), Jonas Brothers (2007) and recently, A piffling Bit Longer (2008), and one soundtrack Camp stimulate (2008). The band gained their popularity on the childre ns television network Disney Channel, which is where the Disney Channel Original Movie Camp Rock , starring the Jonas Brothers, was first shown. The band star in the movie as a boy band named Connect Three.One of my reasons for liking the Jonas Brothers, is the event that they are well- cognise for their whole any(prenominal), family image. The brothers are all committed Evangelic Christians, and wear righteousness rings on their left-hand ring finger as a sign to not have pre-marital sex, of which neither of these things they are ashamed of or afraid of showing. Joe stated that the rings symbolize a promise to ourselves and to perfection that well stay pure till marriage and Nick thinks that its pretty awesome, and the rings are just one of our ways of kind of like being different to everybody else out there. They as well abstain form alcohol, tobacco and drugs. other reason for liking the Jonas Brothers is the fact that in 2007 they earned about $12 million dollars and donated 10% of it to their charity, Change for the Children Foundation. The charity is a foundation started by the Jonas Brothers, where the contributors donate to charities such as, Nothing but Nets, American Diabetes Foundation, St Jude Childrens Research infirmary, Childrens Hospital Los Angeles and Summer Stars Camp for the Performing Arts. Their reasons for stating the charity is to support programs that motivate and recommend children to face adversity with confidence, determination and a will to succeed kids destiny other kids who are a little less fortunate.Paul Kevin Jonas II, also known as Kevin, is the oldest of the brothers aged 21 and natural November 5th 1987. He plays lead guitar (usually a Gibson Les Paul) and backing vocals. Kevin is also a phone call framer and helped to write the bands self-titled album Jonas Brothers.Joseph Adam Jonas, was born August 15 1989, making him 19. He sings lead vocals, plays percussion and has played the guitar in the song A pocket-size Bit Longer. Joe skipperly had no intentions of becoming a singer he wanted to be a comedian and work on the show All ThatNicholas Jerry Jonas, is the youngest of the band at only 16 years of age, born September 16 1992. He plays rhythm guitar (usually a Gibson SG in the original re stain colour), lead vocals with brother Joe, piano in the songs When you picture me in the Eyes and A Little Bit Longer, and drums in the songs, Australia, Cant aim You, Sorry and Video Girl. He can play various other instruments also. On November 16 2005 (aged 13), he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.Franklin Nathaniel Jonas, is the baby of all the brothers, of only 8 years of age and was born September 28 2000, and isnt in the Jonas Brothers, but being the bands younger brother he up to now plays a big part in their lives. He is also known as the Bonus Jonas and Frank the Tank. He will debut with his brothers on J.O.N.A.S(a Disney Channel Original Series (2009)), and may have a short appearance in Camp Rock 2.Other members of the band areJohn Taylor who helps produce for the band, as well as plays guitar.Greg Garbowsky has been with the brothers since they started out. He plays recondite guitar and keeps a blog of Life on the Road with the Boys.Jack unflawed Lawless Lawless joined the band in early 2007, and has replaced former drummer Alex Noyes.Ryan Liestman plays the keyboards for the group.The single, A Little Bit Longer, released earlier this year, was written by Nick Jonas himself and is about his fighting battle to carry on pursuing his dreams with his diabetes. He sings alone in this song, about how you dont know what it feels like until its gone. This song is very emotional and on occasions, Nick has been seen to be crying on stage to this particular song. Hes said Luckily, Ive got some really great people around me that really help me manage my diabetes. And it hasnt slowed me down yet, and Im not planning on letting it do that. So Im going to continue to do wha t I love and if I have occasional low or high blood sugar, it will be all right because Ive got some really great people surrounding me.With the Jonas Brothers being so talented and successful at such a young age, I key them so inspiring to listen to and am proud to be a fan of theirs.You could be in any situation, but youre holding on because you dont want to give up on love. Say youre in a terrible situationyou can always find the light if you looking for hard enough.

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