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Analysis and findings Essay

As clear from the rejoinder of the respondents cheek do nurture specific incision and people working for the box. They work in spite of appearance the guidelines of corporate regulations and findings of consumer surveys expatriateed sentence to m. The publicity is channelized according to the product categories like male, female or either else. The influence and act choices depend on the target consumer gathering. During special involvements the box changes to attract the consumers. The respondent agrees to the fact that Colour and graphics incur doctor on the consumer decision making.Validity and reliability The oppugn was based on the conversation between the look intoer and respondent. The researcher tried to keep the interview within the parameters of the research objectives and according to the questionnaire. more(prenominal)over researcher was open to whatever interesting fact regarding packaging and consumer behaviour. Recommendations It is evident from the findings and analysis of data that any organization to get hold on the market during special occasion inevitably to have appropriate strategies for its target market.The input of these appropriate comes from the understand of the market and consumer behaviour. All the aspects of marketing rumple become as distinguished during this particular time of special occasion. Consumer looks for products to meet his existing requirement. As revealed in the study people like to give or receive substanti solelyy and personable packaging while receiving any gift or heavy(p) any gift. Various attributes of packaging are deeply rooted in the cultural aspects of our society. Organizations need to focus on specific behaviour on the packaging based on their demographic profile and cultural clan ups. Organizations should consistently work with its design team and marketing department to change or upgrade the packaging system within the organization. there should be clear cut understan ding among the employees regarding gifts packaging and organizations strategy. Along with Colours, company inevitably to focus on the other variables in order to develop attractive packaging. Ethnic Background As it is evident from the research that divergent ethnic group responds heterogeneously to the subdivisions of packaging. Hence it is most-valuable for the seller to take cope of the aspects of ethnic background.For instance if the marketer is operating in the area with much number of people from Black Others community, marketer can focus on the Shape of packaging and provide packaging services in contrastive shapes as for this community shape is the most important aspect of the packaging. On the other hand Black African community focuses on graphics, size and material, Asian and White community feels Colour to be most important aspect. Hence marketer depending upon the demographic profile need to have going away in packaging strategies for its products during s pecial occasions. Conclusion and implicationsFrom the analysis of qualitative and duodecimal research it can be concluded that the factors of packaging are important for the customer in their decision making process in the familiar situation as well as the special occasions. The age group of the respondent dominating this research was 22-30 years old, followed by people within the age group of 41-50 years who are 20% of the total respondents. There is representation of various ethnic group however the majority of respondents were ashen and females followed by Asians. Majority of the respondent buy gifts for some one at least once in a month.Majority of respondents agreed to the legal feeling attached to the gifts presented in Colourful packaging during festivals. Majority of respondents excessively feel that during special occasions the packaging of the products are more refulgent and Colourful than normal. 58% of the respondent felt that people are attracted by antithetic s hapes and sizes of gift items. Respondents believe that packaging style varies according to the occasions. Respondents encompass that they are attracted to different shapes and Colours of the products (40%) when they buy something for special occasion.Colourful and attracting packaging makes good impression close to the sender to the receiver (93% agreed). The pet component of the packaging is Colour irrespective of gender of the respondent and least preferred is text on it. The leaving in the be of other attributes indicates the difference created by gender in order for the packaging decisions. The tasting ranking of the components of packaging was compared by adding all the responses. The qualitative data analysis provided organization perspective of the gift packaging on special occasion.It revealed that organizations not yet pay attention to the packaging, graphics, designing and Colouring of it but also conduct research time to time to understand the changing needs of co nsumers and his preferences. The packaging decisions for male and female consumer products differ from each other. This is with respect to the fact that different Colours have been associated with specific genders within our society. The difference in the preference and choices for various components of packaging is evident from the primary research.It is clear that people from different ethnic background respond differently to different aspects of packaging. For people from the Asian and White community Colour is most important aspect. For Black others it is shape which is most preferred. For Black African graphics, size and material are equally important. The findings are within the conceptual framework of the opus that components of the packaging have impact on consumer during special occasion. From quantitative and qualitative both the research importance of different packaging during special occasion has revealed.Any marketer to server its consumer needs to understand the cons umer behaviour of his target group. The marketing mix has different important aspects to it and one of these aspects is packaging. Packaging itself is influenced by various factors from individual customer, his age, gender, ethnic background to culture society, socio-legal structure and many others. Competition is change magnitude day by day and margins are shrinking. Perfection is required in each sphere of business operations. People have less time and overall social and cultural set up is changing.Organization needs to understand these changes as frequently as they take place and habituate this information in formulating business and marketing strategies. Putting emphasis on the packaging aspects of the product companies will be able to attract more consumers to make buying decisions. Limitations of study One of the areas of concerns while developing this paper was minimisation of the errors and work with least number of limitations. However there have been various studies con ducted in the past regarding packaging and different aspects related to it among various section of society.There have been another set of studies regarding the attitude among respondents towards packaging, environmental concerns and green packaging which is one of the burning issues today. Within the limited time period and availability and reach to the resources it was not possible to incorporate all of them. Other limitation is related to number of respondent and sample size. However with the changes in demographic and geographic factors responses of the respondents varies. The larger sample would have provided more accurate results.Limitations to the research would in fact include many different considerations. Background information in regard to how the respondents learn and decide about various kind of packaging is limited. Certainly, another limitation includes the ready betrothal to answer the questionnaires provided in regard to this research project. The numbers of respon dents willing to put down in this information even with assured anonymity provided several limitations toward tabular matter and calculation accuracy in regard to percentages.

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