Monday, February 25, 2019

Media Worldview

Brandy Cain March 2, 2013 CVW 101 G. Malloy Media Worldview The movie I chose was Its A Wonderful Life. It is one of my favorite movies. I think its a classic and everyone should watch it at least once. The movie is based on the life of George Bailey. You know from the beginning that the worldview is Christian because it starts with everyone praying for George. George is a troubled gentlemans gentleman press release thru a hard time and an nonsuch named Clarence Odbody comes down to yield him how different his life would be if he had never been born.Clarence has to write George so he fuck obtain his wings. The head angels Franklin and Joseph show Clarence Georges life up till now. George lives in New Bedford, NY. Its a small town where everyone knows everyone. Georges father owns the Bailey edifice and Loan Association. From when George was a child to his big(a) life the Bailey Building and Loan Association is in danger of going out of business. George Bailey is the type of person who sacrifices his own dreams for those of others. When George was 12 he salve his baby brother molest after he falls into a frozen pond.He ended up losing his earring after throwting a chilly from being in the freezing water. George puddleed at the local pharmacy. He completed that the druggist, Mr. Gower, has just received a telegram saying that his son had died. He was so distraught that he put poison in a pill supposed to be carryn to a child. George notices this and doesnt stand the medicine. The druggist is so mad that he hits George in his bad ear. George past explains to Mr. Gower that he made a mistake. Mr. Gower forgives George. After graduating high school George goes to work at the Bailey Building to save money to go to college.It takes him 4 days and his brother nettle is now graduating from high school. Georges dad wishes he could send both of his sons to college at the equivalent time. George explains that Harry can do the same thing as he has done. George goes to celebrate Harrys graduation. He dances with Mary Hatch who has had a crush on George for years. single of the other guys who was after Mary was upset that George stole her from him so he plays a prank on them. Underneath the dance underprice opens up to a swimming pool. George and Mary were dancing on the crack of the floor.When the floor starts to open George and Mary are unaware and think that they must be dancing every good. They fall in and start dancing in the pool. Everyone see how much fun they are having so they jump in. That same night Georges father dies from a stroke. George has to put his plans on visual perception the world on hold to run his fathers company. Harry and Mary go off to college leaving George behind. Four years Harry returns with a wife whose father has given him an excellent opportunity that George cant let Harry pass up.George goes to visit Mary and professes his bask to her and a few months later they get married. After their wedding the Bailey Building is virtually to be foreclosed upon and George and Mary take the $2000 saved for their honeymoon and give it to the customers. George and Mary have four children Pete, Susan, Tommy, and Zuzu. George building Bailey Park an affordable lodgment project. On the day the bank examiner comes Georges uncle Billy has scattered the $8000 they owe. They try and trace down his tracks but do not envision the money. George tries to get a loan and fails.He lashes out at his family because he is so distraught. Its Christmas Eve and he decided to go to the bar and get drunk. He runs is car into a tree and feels he would be worth more dead than alive and stands on top of the bridge about to jump. Clarence his angel shows George Potterville. George sees his life is worth something and heads home. He is greeted with friends and family giving him money to save him from bank fraud. Clarence was able to get his wings. You know his happens when Georges daughter hears a bell and say s, Every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings.

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