Thursday, February 21, 2019

Aztec religion Essay

The U. S has the highest murder say of any industrialized country in the world. Does this surprise you? Well, although it is a fact, and most(prenominal) hatful would think this is unethical. This should also be true for Aztec society. Which deserves the Greater emphasis? Human Sacrifice, or Aztec Agriculture? I believe historians should localize to a greater extent on human sacrifice because, even though the Aztecs were resourceful and salutary organized in agriculture, they were barbaric when it came to human sacrifice. They eated off 2,300 men who were prisoners of war (Doc.D).We have to take into consideration that these sacrifices had families and lives and people who cared about them that were cruelly ripped away(predicate) from them. The Aztecs couldve showed the love and dedication for their gods an other(a) less violent way. What the Aztec did to the sacrifices was in-humane. When they killed the sacrifices, they would rip of their hearts, ca-ca the hearts to the s hrine dedicated to the gods and let the dead bodies roll dismantle the temple steps bathed in its own blood.Even though other groups of people did human sacrifice, the Aztec were ruthless and held no remorse for their victims. Aztecs sometimes in force(p) went to war with another group of people just to capture people and make them sacrifices, called flower wars (Doc. D). What the Aztec did was just horrible and I think historians should focus more on human sacrifice than agriculture. There was a humungous measure of sacrifices, as well as spiritual importance, and they surprisingly didnt kill these people with evil eyes or hatred.The Aztecs hade feeling toward sacrifices. The Aztec sacrificed a commodious scale of people In one day they would sacrifice 2,300 prisoners (Doc. D). That is the selfsame(prenominal) population of an average school Not only did they sacrifice so much of population, they also gave up resources and the best people to sacrifice If this wasnt a factor, c ould you imagine how much more advanced the Aztec agriculture could call on?

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