Monday, February 18, 2019

Franz Kafkas The Metamorphosis and James Baldwins Sonnys Blues Essa

There are many factors that lead to the development of an separates identity. Franz Kafkas The Metamorphosis illustrates an extreme change in Gregor Samsas external identity and the overall outward effect it has on the development of his family. While James Baldwins Sonnys Blues illustrates a young man struggling to find his identity while cosmos pushed about by what society and his family wants him to be. Both of these characters exhibit an underlying scramble of alienation but both also demonstrate a proclivity for belongingness. This conflict of trying to belong to something as well as satisfy the needs of society, has directly impacted their protest individuality and the lives of the people around them. Gregor Samsa, a hard working salesman providing for his family in need, has sacrifice his declare emancipation for the sake of the survival of his family. As a provider, his family is expecting him to work, be successful, and bring plate the wealth. Although Gregor does nt enjoy his tedious job in the slightest, he dormant agrees to do it. This is more influenced by his fathers debt rather than his own morals. If it werent for my parents, I would switch quit long ago, I would have g ace to the boss and told him off (Kafka 2). This shows that he is a frustrated individual. Gregor is soulfulness who would likely hold in his own personal feelings to preserve the family name. A night of nightmares later, Gregor awakes to see his many little legs flailing about. He isnt ab initio shocked by this horrid transformation and however terrible it looks to him, his simple focus is how is he going to get to work? In malice of everything, he is still in the mindset of working no motion what the cost. After all, he doesnt want to lose the tr... ...development of your identity. Gregor, the family man, tried as hard as he can to be there for his family. His family is everything he has got and this is his identity. While Sonny, the trouble kid turned musici an, abandoned his familys suggestions and went his own way by keeping true to himself and being dedicative to a special goal. Both of these characters are polar opposites in a sense that one follows his family and the other does not. But, both characters were forced into difficult situations and both have experienced some sort of sacrifice.Works CitedMendoza, Ramon G. The Human Vermin Kafkas Metaphor for fundamental Alienation. N.p. Salem Press, n.d. literary Reference Database. Web. 23 Mar. 2014.Murray, Donald C. James Baldwins Sonnys Blues Complicated and Simple. N.p. Newberry College, n.d. Literary Reference Database. Web. 23 Mar. 2014.

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