Friday, October 18, 2019

48Hour Dietary Recall Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

48Hour Dietary Recall - Essay Example This is due to the correlation that exists between human feeding habits and environmental safety. There is heated debate on how what we consume strains the Mother Nature. An excellent example is how meat and its ingredients affect both ones health and the environment (Darier, 1999, P.75). According to my ingestion record, it is clear that there was a balanced consumption in terms of nutrients. In addition, the meals are environmental friendly. This is especially in their preparation and disposal. The leftovers from the hotel are not disposed to a litter bin or thrown away in an open place to rot and pollute the environment. In stead, they are given to the farmer who feeds them to the pigs. If left to rot, they could pose an environmental risk through air pollution and cause diseases such as diarrhea and typhoid (Darier, 1999, P.80). In addition, I avoided packed food so as to ensure that I do not pollute the environment with wrappers. In my view, my eating habits are healthy and safe for the environment. This is because the leftovers could be put into beneficial use rather than dumping them where they could pose an environmental risk. In addition, the wastes that could be produced in the process of preparing food in the house could be used in the firm as manure (Darier, 1999, P.93). At the same time, leftovers could be preserved for consumption in the future. However, I will reduce meat and its ingredients so as to become environmental

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